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Re: Europe puts pressure on FCC over accounting rate moves

Tim May wrote:

>(Note to Greg Broiles: You will undoubtedly claim that I should check my
>facts more thoroughly before sending this message. When you start paying me
>$150 an hour (cheap by attorney's inflated fee schedules) I will promise to
>spend an extra 10-20 minutes per post doing Web searches to verify trivial

Announcing Black-and-WhiteNet (256-Gray, plaid, checkered, houndstoothed) 
Op Center (B&WOC(256-GPC-fang) which will minutely trivialize the most 
astoundingly paramountly important tics, quirks and quik-$$$ ever Da Vinced by  
CCLs of evil-elvis/chemical/dietary/genetic/ethnic/racial/politco-military
imbalances (CCLoE-ECDGERP-Mi). 

The service is Free!, absolutely EARwig-ITARpit authenticatable, sworn on the 
blorb's newsracks and constitutions for others' genocide and beloved family
how-tos and inter-related inter-dependent folderol for sanctioned revenge
and It-made-me-do-it salvation and self-rammed lead up hoof-pop and oral rot.

Now, read on for the good $tuff:

Thanks to limitless contributions from the global media, open and secret
trade and NDA assocs, retired and active members of gov/mil/edu/net/orgs, the 
service will leap to shell out data-haven-quicksands of unlocateable
e-shekels to 
anon-remailer-informants for information leading to the entrapment and 
vaporization of the supremely urgently destructive demolishers of all other 
contenders for impeccable veracity and bottomless shamlessly vainglorious 
product promo and faithhealing celebrity implanation/enhancement.

Exes of orgs specially trained to cheat, lie, steal IP, walk on grannies,
etc, and
even more so, the double, triple and bypass XXs of all spinoffs and spin labs, 
are especially welcomed for dangling as irresistable bait for like
and wannabes seeking Dow-Corninging (D-C Net-neutering, unexpected 
down migration to nether parts, career redirection to geek show Oprahing).

Persons licensed or regulated for betrayal of the public interest for
that is, all who are licensed, regged, SSed and uniformed, get, believe it,
only you,
to-the-trade-only discount/stipend/D-C-reimbursement commensurate with the
maggot-chewed-brain challenged (degree-ed, credentialed up the kazoo, failed 
nontheless no matter repetitive public cry and beg for understanding) of the 
higher prefontal .edu-tree-chewers, arch and anarch contenders with the Grand 
Order/Temple of My Maggots are Better Than Your Maggot (itself being voraciouly 
gnawed and underminded by The Terrible Terroristic Termites, Thine Own Enemy 
Within: Envy Eating Mine Own Soul Food(T5OEW:E2MOSF [not that OSF])).