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Re: DC cypherpunk soccer team?

At 1:14 PM -0700 9/3/97, Psycho Killer wrote:
>Declan McCullagh wrote:
>> If you live in Washington, play soccer, and are a libertarian
>> (anarcho-capitalists are also welcome), email me. The fall league is
>> starting in two weeks.
>> The name of the team? "The Invisible Foot"
>  Please be advised that the "Psycho Killers" in Austin, Texas, have
>already drafted Tim C. May. However, if we lose too many players in
>trying to 'enforce' our 'right' to have him play for us, then we
>may be open to trade negotiations.
>Charles Whitman, KOTM

Charles, you are a towering figure in our pantheon!

But be advised that I don't play the form of soccer (football), known as
"Mayan football," where the losing team is sacrificed.

The variant I play, sometimes dubbed "May football," sacrifices the enemies
before the game starts and uses their heads. It's getting tough, though, as
women invade the D.C. work force...their long hair tends to get tangled up
and alter the direction the heads roll.

At least one bull dyke has mannishly short hair, though.

--Klaus!, goalee of Team May

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