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Re: PGP Keyservers and 5.0 DSS/D-H Keys...

At 06:26 PM 9/3/97 +0200, Unicorn wrote:
>Are the current (mostly PGP 2.6.x based) keyservers able to incorporate,
>store and provide the new PGP  5.0 based DSS/Diffie-Hellman keys? And if
>not how can  one publish (the public  part of) such a  key using nothing
>more than email or a web-browser behind a firewall that does not allow a
>direct connection to a keyserver on port 11371?

Part of your answer is that the 2.6.x servers, once modified, will handle
5.0 keys.

We have a keyserver running at keys.efga.org that handles the 2.6.x and the
5.0 keys.  Right now I think we only support the PGP5.0 HTML based
interface that operates on port 11371.  I don't think we implemented web
based or email based key submission.  This would be trivial to add, we just
didn't do it.

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