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Re: Stupid Senate Tricks -- request for help

Declan McCullagh wrote:
> After yesterday's crypto-hearing, I decided I should write a story about
> Stupid Senate Tricks -- how your elected representatives misspeak,
> misstate, and misstep when it comes to technology. From the "What is PGP"
> question at a recent hearing to Feinstein's meaningless blather yesterday,
> this is fertile ground.
> Do you have any favorite quotes? Not just crypto, but CDA, copyright, and
> technology in general. Send 'em to [email protected]

  What about FineSwine announcing that she is turning her vote over to
the NSAzi's and the FBInquisitioners?

  What about Clinton announcing that he is in favor of a self-governing
InterNet with government spies everywhere?

  What about politicians still calling America a "democracy."  Ha, ha,
pretty funny.