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Re: FBI calls for mandatory key escrow; Denning on export ctrls

September 4, 1997
   Encryption Tops Wide-Ranging Net Agenda in Congress

The word encryption traditionally conjures images of spies and 
sophisticated international organizedcrime rings. But with the dawn of 
the Internet, it is also the key to private communication and secure
business transactions. 

And while Clinton on July 1 took a very public stand for a tax-free, 
self-governed Internet, his administration is pushing to create a 
key-recovery system that would keep encrypted codes on file for law 
enforcement officials to access. 

  Translation~~These ratfuckers are trying to keep a low profile until
they can get all of their draconian legislation passed, at which time
the sheeple will find out why the "rubber boots" rider was attached to
the legislation.
  How long before the Great InterNet Tax Avoidance Crisis (TM) requires
them to access the records of all companies and individuals in order to
make certain that the royal "we" are not "cheated" by our evil fellow

"Law enforcement needs to have a system for immediate decryption" when 
a judge determines it is likely that crime is being or is about to be 
committed, Freeh told the Subcommittee on Technology, Terrorism and 
Government Information. "We should also look at whether network service
providers should have a system for immediate decryption." 

Translation~~"Just as we need to be able to beat the citizens and shove 
toilet plungers up their ass if we have reason to suspect that they
have knowledge of a crime in their mind."
  Freeh wants to make certain that the citizens don't have the same
ability as the Whithouse, the Department of Justice, Congress, etc.,
to LIE to the courts, to the people, to each other. So if _we_ steal
a private company, murder members of a religious sect, get filthy
fucking rich on inside deals, then _we_ will go to jail.

"What part of 'Nuke the Bastards!' don't they understand?"