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Re: Big Brother is watching

At 03:01 PM 9/4/97 -0400, Ray Arachelian wrote:
>On Thu, 4 Sep 1997, Anonymous wrote:
>> 2) When you find one of these unattended critters along the road, wave
>> your hand in front of it at amazing speeds until it runs out of film.
>> (Ensure middle finger is extended.)
>Depends on the kind of camera.  If it's a video camera, you might be able
>to blind the bitch by blasting loads of IR at it which would be
>invisible to any donut munchers watching you....   Anyone know a source
>for big IR lamps?
>Any way to defeat film bearing cameras?

Better yet.  A carbon dioxide lazer.  Can be small and could probably be
rigged up to plug into the ciggarate lighter.  A focused, IR beam.

X-Ray tubes look simple enough.  Might want to invest in a little shielding

If it is an old fashoned camera, you might be able to beat it with the same
countermeasures that mess up tv sets.  Heck, if the thing is connected with
any RF system for recording, you might anyway.  Just use a boosted CB to jam it.

If the system relies on the radar gun to activate it.  Invest in a jammer,
(only illegal in a few states, such as Oklahoma, which can use a
radar-detector so it really doesn't matter.)  Even if it doesn't work, (in
that the camera actually takes a picture) at least it should say that you
were going the speed limit.

The unit I saw advertised said that the gun wouldn't even display because it
wouldn't be able to get consistant readings.  But I have heard of people
setting transmitters on thier cars that broadcast at a certain frequency
which corresponded to a certain speed to those doppler guns.