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Re: Political News from Wired News

Vladimir Z. Nuri wrote:
> it's amazing. in all the blathering by senators etc. over these
> crypto bills (Feinstein, Freeh etc.),
> has *anyone* raised the possibility on the record
> that the key recovery is UNCONSTITUTIONAL?
> maybe I'm not following closely enough, but I haven't seen a *single*
> reference. that's really eerie. can't we get a *single*
> senator to bring up that issue?

have you seen any pictures of the concrete pillar that apparently
totally destroyed an automobile built like a tank? does it even have
a single scratch on it?
anybody figure out how a papparazzi scooter managed to get ahead
of a car and zig-zag at 120 miles per hour? anybody figure out
why 'facts' such as these changed back and forth several times when
it became obvious that you could drive a Mercedes semi-truck 
through the holes in the original story?

i agree that there is something weird going on with the reporting of
the mainstream press and their affiliates.
i'm not looking for mountains of negative sensationalism replacing a
balanced perspective, but I have to wonder why nobody is seriously
questioning  the possibilities of the 'dark side' of anti-4-Horsemen 
legislation, or reporting the real details surrounding the sudden death
of a rich Egyptian mobster and the mother of a future King of England.

i am getting a very bad feeling that maybe the level of inside/outside
censorship of the press may be a good indicator, like the Doomsday 
Clock, of how close we are to the day when the Puppet Masters finally
step out from behind their masks.