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Re: Cpunks War Dance, Feinstein Hari-Kari

Tim May wrote:

> >A Patent Falls, and the Internet Dances
> >
> >By Peter Wayner
> >
> >>From the beginning, though, patent 4,200,770 was different. This
> >Saturday night a group of computer scientists, Internet fanatics and
> >Beltway politicos will gather in Washington, D.C.; Silicon Valley; and
> >Boston to celebrate the end of the patent granted to Whitfield Diffie
> >and Martin Hellman for a way to encrypt data.
> Sounds to me like this reporter helped manufacture the news.....
> The more things change, the more they remain the same.
> And puppets still dance....

  I told Peter Wayner about your plans to commit suicide tonight.
He's already written a story for tomorrow, and he wants to know
if you're going to do it, or let him down and make him look like
an idiot.