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Re: tdc0997globe.html


[Well I am not quoting any of a rather lengthy post. It's in the archives
if you want to read it.]

What a load of crap. Nothing but wining and snivelling about internet
traffic ratios between the states and overseas. How awful that 80% of
Internet content is in English. Oh my people overseas actually want to
connect to US sites and god forbid the foreign Telco's have to pay to
improve their connections to the States.

It is simple Economics 101 supply and demand. Content providers are
producing what people on the net want thus the increasing demand. If there
were people in Russia, or Asia, or India who were producing content that
people wanted then the demand would be to connect to those servers but it
is not. Nor should the silly notion that US providers should subsidize
foreign Telco's so they can improve their communication be given a second
thought. If their customers want/need improved bandwidth to the US then
let them pay for it. 

It's bad enough that my tax dollars are being pissed away by the billions
overseas without more of it be wasted on them.

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