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Re: BXA Testimony at SAFE Hearing

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On 9/7/97 4:48 AM, Apache ([email protected]) passed this

>> 3. Finds the SAFE bill unhelpful but likes its crypto-criminali-
>> zation provision and favors McCain-Kerrey's Secure Public Network 
>> Act bill or other legislation that will:
>>  Offer, on a voluntary basis, firms that are in the business of 
>>  providing public cryptography keys the opportunity to obtain 
>>  government recognition, allowing them to market the 
>>  trustworthiness implied by government approval.
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

>BWHAHAHA this is some kind of sick joke surely.

>Get ur crypto here folks, it's approved by the gubermint.

  Therein lies the problem, it actually would be funny, if it weren't
true. The sheeple will feel its good 'cuz it is *gummint 'proved* !!
And all the ignorant suits out their will lockstep ... when in doubt
nobody gets fired for buying *gummint approved* !!! THEN, the gummint
boys can come back and say "...look 92% of businesses went along with
it" as the raison d'etre for turning it into a mandate.  I tend to
think of this process as 'lemmings followed by a bulldozer'

   <long deep sigh>

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