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Re: A helluva way to run a country, er, a world

Declan wrote:

>The CDA list has been moribund since its inception. A waste of time. My
>list, f-c-a, has covered recent crypto events exhaustively. Even those who
>are far from cypherpunkish in their views enjoy it; Mike Nelson, a former
>White House crypto-lobbyist, told me at my party yesterday that it was the
>best list of its type out there.

Gosh, Declan, isn't Mike Nelson's endorsement a bit awkward
for an fight-censorship list? Not to mention his show and slather
the host at your do?

That's assuming your bash was not a Time-reimbursible. If
it was, then the WH rub-down and suck-up fits, and may god 
deliver the heaven-on-earth reward: White House Correspondent,
spin navvy to the free world leader.