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Re: Show Me the Warheads!

Chief Cypherpunks Spokesperson Mixmaster wrote:
> Tim May espoused:
> > I'm surprised this wasn't hushed up. The U.S. lying fucks 
> > intelligence community has known this for a long time, and reports
> > to Ratfuck Congress have alluded to this.
>   Why hush it up? Odd, isn't it, that this interview will air on TV 
> just as Lying Fuck Freeh is pushing for mandatory GAK to 'protect' us
> from imaginary nuclear terrorists with suitcase bombs? I bet it's 
> just one of them coincidences...
> SynchronicityMonger

Lying Nazi Ratfucker Freeh has known about these allegations for a long
time, but it seems that it was not much of a threat until the release
of the book by his co-conspirator schill, the Russian General.
Isn't it amazing how long-standing threats to National Security only
become _real_ threats when it is convenient for those in power?

It was only a 'coincidence' that I happened to be standing in that bank
that had been broken into, with a handful of cash.