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Re: Government shows its hand...good news!

At 6:39 PM -0700 9/8/97, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:
>Tim May <[email protected]> writes:
>> The remaining alternate course, that the Act is passed, and then that the
>> Supreme Court eventually affirms its constitutionality, is also good for
>> us. For it will then mean war has been declared, and various extreme sorts
>> of actions will then accelerate.
>> And that could be a lot of fun.
>Nuke Washington DC.

Perhaps so, but as Stalin said, paraphrasedly,

"How many megatons do the Cypherpunks control?"

--Tim May

There's something wrong when I'm a felon under an increasing number of laws.
Only one response to the key grabbers is warranted: "Death to Tyrants!"
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