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Re: Gao's Chaos Cryptosystem Algorithm

Tim May wrote:
> At 7:54 PM -0700 9/8/97, Igor Chudov @ home wrote:
> >Nobuki Nakatuji wrote:
> >> Gao's Chaos Cryptosystem Algorithm
> >>
> >> 1.key input
> >> 2.input key generate chaos initial condition
> >> 3.input key generate chaos signal(random number)
> >> 4.chaos initial condition plus chaos signal
> >>   XOR plain text
> >
> >How do you generate "chaos"?
> >
> >	- Igor.
> Chaos may be generated with dripping water faucets, with alpha particle
> emissions,  with Johnson noise.
> It matters not, though, as schemes like this are dependent on key exchange,
> and by repeatability of whatever "chaotic process" they employ.
> They can be ignored.
> The fact that "Nobuki Nakatuji" only appeared on our list days before the
> revealing of his profound new breakthrough is telling. And all too
> predictable.

Tim, my question was related to items 2 and 3. I think that Nobuku san
suggested a way to generate a stream of pseudo-random bits from an 
inputted text. The important question is, how Prof. Nobuku is going to
do it exactly. If done right, I believe that his system is great if the
key is never reused.

Is that correct?


	- Igor.