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Re: Gao's Chaos Cryptosystem Algorithm

Tim May wrote:
> At 9:15 PM -0700 9/8/97, Igor Chudov @ home wrote:
> >Tim, my question was related to items 2 and 3. I think that Nobuku san
> >suggested a way to generate a stream of pseudo-random bits from an
> >inputted text. The important question is, how Prof. Nobuku is going to
> >do it exactly. If done right, I believe that his system is great if the
> >key is never reused.
> >
> >Is that correct?
> >
> >Sayonara
> Why do you think a private key system, even one based on trendy buzzwords
> (e,g, "chaos") is interesting?

I think that what Nobuku described is not a private key system (because
keys cannot be reused), but rather an approach to generating one time 

Whether something that is interesting to me should also be interesting to
you is open to question.

> Do you think means of generating one time pads have been lacking?

I think that one more good way of doing it would not hurt.

> As for "his system is great if the key is never reused," think about it.

> As Santayana-san put it, each generation which fails to learn the lessons
> of cryptography is condemned to reinvent the one time pad, and to give it a
> trendy new name (virtual, chaotic, aptical, gaos, etc.).

So what if he reinvents something? Most of what high school and undergrad 
students do is learning and reinventing ideas that are already known. That
does not make study less exciting.

The interesting question that Nobuku can answer is how he generates the
key from the input.

	- Igor.