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Re: Removing Tyranny from Democracy (Part II),was Democracy is the true enemy...

> the public needs to eventually learn that for every dollar they send
> to washington, they get only a fraction back, no matter how lucrative
> their own pork. the problem with our
> politics is that voters have not realized that they are almost always
> cheating themselves when they try to cheat their neighbors. it's a shell
> game that they keep playing as long as they think someone else is paying.


> I don't believe there are intrinsic flaws in democracy, so much as
> there are intrinsic flaws in *human*nature* that are coming to light
> after decades. government is a reflection of our human natures.
> one cannot really expect a government to correct the flaws of its
> users, any more than software could do the same.

No intrinsic flaws in democracy? 

Surely you jest. 

Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep getting together to decide what's for 

Please feel free to peruse Article 4, section for of the U.S. Constitution 
at http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/7500/const.htm#cIV4 
The authors of this document "guarantee" only one thing, that is a 
republican form of government. When I hear congresscritters and media 
whores singing the praises of "democracy", I want to puke.

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