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Good Gore, Bad Freeh

At least they've got the good cop, bad cop routine down.
Check out <http://allpolitics.com/1997/09/09/ap/gore.encryption/>

>WASHINGTON (AP) -- Vice President Al Gore Tuesday reaffirmed the Clinton
>Administration's policy against restricting the sale in the United
>States of high-tech devices that maintain the privacy of computer

>But White House aides, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the vice
>president's brief comment on the administration's policy was intended to
>respond to Freeh and show that for now the administration is not changing
>its position on the sale of encryption devices in the United States.
"For now".

Myself, I prefer California SJR 29:
(which accomplishes nothing except feeling good, I know)

-- Marshall

Marshall Clow     Aladdin Systems   <mailto:[email protected]>

"In Washington DC, officials from the White House, federal agencies and
Congress say regulations may be necessary to promote a free-market
system." --  CommunicationsWeek International April 21, 1997