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Re: Mondex Broken

At 6:55 PM -0700 9/9/97, John Young wrote:
>We've received from anonymous a report on breaking
>Mondex's pilot system by TNO along with a confidential
>1996 memo describing the break:
>Included is a letter from the Bank of New Zealand to
>Electronic Frontier Canada attempting to suppress
>publication of the memo.
>   http://jya.com/mondex-hack.htm

You mean the way <elided> had lawyers send threatening letters to <elided>
warning him not to further publicize the claimed security flaws in
<elided>, the security product sold by <elided>?

I myself received a phone call from <elided>, warning me to not to even
make reference to the rumors that <elided> had flaws in it.

Some of you know what I mean.

There's even a chance this vague note here will cause <elided> to again
contact me, warning me that even such <elisions> are not good enough for

And I'm not at all surprised that those with financial interests in
products are attempting to supress technical or competitive analysis
reports. It's become the way of the world to hire lawyers and barristers to
intimidate whomever they can.

Fortunately, this is what remailers are so useful for. (Though the lawyers
and cops are going after the remailers, as several recent cases have shown.)

And the execrable copyright new world order would make such reverse
engineering illegal in many cases. More reason to nuke it with remailers.

--Tim May

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