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Re: EMP & Cars (fwd)

On 9/8/97 7:00 AM, Peter Trei ([email protected])  passed this wisdom:

>Ham radio operators have been dealing with this issue for years. 
>There's a lot of (mostly anectodotal) stories of mobile operators
>keying up their rigs and having either their own or neighbouring
>cars misfiring or dieing. Shielded ignition cables seem to fix 
>things (though they are actually bought to prevent ignition noise 
>from getting into the radio, not the other way around).

 My 1988 Bronco II used to drop out of Cruise Control if I used 25 watts 
or more on 440 MHz FM. On the 50 watt setting at 440 MHz the engine would 
start running rough, though it never died. de ka2bqe

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