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Re: The "Vision" Thang, and Tales out of School...

From: Tim May

:+AD4-Nonetheless, people who didn't share his +ACI-vision+ACI-, like IBM, and DEC, and
:+AD4-now Apple, and all the rest of his competition, got their clocks cleaned.
:Utter nonsense. I lack the time to write about the early history of MS,
:Seattle Computers, and Gary Kildall, but to make this claim above indicates
:Bob is sacrificing objectivity for some sort of cheap shot in favor of MS.
:I used to know Kildall, when he was hanging around Intel in the mid-70s,
:and up until two weeks before his death. The situation was a lot more
:nuanced than this +ACI-vision of Bill+ACI- argument suggests.

Sometime when you do have some time for it, I for one would be interested what
you mean by this+ADs- what sort of nuances you are referring to.

Billg had some skills, some vision, some luck, some advantages of background
(his knowledgeable, socially-connected parents), some advantages of circumstance
(the developing computer industry), the advantages of intellect (like a
photographic memory), and some very good partners (beginning with Paul Allen)
who also contributed their business judgments and decisions to the success of
the company.   He receives most of the attention, but there are many parts to
this story.