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Did someone say 'dare'?

Declan McCullagh wrote: 
> I was talking to someone after a law class this evening (we're covering
> electronic privacy topics, but unfortunately we're not at crypto yet). He
> suggested widespread civil disobedience.
> Perhaps it's time to dare the Feds to prosecute you. Any volunteers?

  I took one step back, while Toto and a Well user to be named later
just stood there, so it appears to me that they've volunteered.

  I am hereby daring Lying Fuck Freeh, Nazi Ratbastard Clinton, Child
Murderer Reno, and Lying Nazi Cunt FineSwine to prosecute Toto and
a Well user to be named later.
  Munitions-grade crypto has been sent to prohibited countries through
two accounts in the last twenty-four hours, one in Canada, one in the

(Hint: sk.sympatico.ca & well.com)

(Double Hint: the one sent through the Sympatico account was sent
 _*before*_ the account was disabled last night while inept system
 spooks set up new monitoring processes on it.)

(Double Extra Hint: the one sent through the Well account was not sent
 through the account of the person who warned Well security admins about
 a system intruder shortly *_after_* their wonderful little "we caught
 the system intruder and installed a newer, more secure system" intro
 appeared in their new, more secure login process.)

(Triple Extra Hint: this message is being cc:'ed to Defcon McCull'em,
 as well as sent unencrypted through a single remailer, so that 
 tracing its apparent source should not present a major problem.)

(Cheap Shot: The Sympatico account is not now working because the admins
 fixed the problem. It is now working because _I_ fixed the problem.)

(Double Cheap Shot: If Well security admins check the warning about 
 their brand-spanking new intruder, which they wrote such a _rude_
 reply to, saying that the writer was an idiot, they might notice that
 the header of the message contains an anagram for their system root
 password at the time.)

(Triple Cheap Shot: Check the Return To: header being used with this
 originating message.)

  Please note that I am providing these hints in order that there may
be a snowball's chance in hell that those who choose to do further 
investigation into my wild-eyed claims may be able to proceed without
further fucking up the originating systems so badly that I have to 
spend my own valuable time fixing them.

  In order to facilitate the federal prosecution of Toto, I have used
his writing style, grammer and syntax, complete with too fucking many
commas, his normal margins and carriage returns, as well as his too
predictable formatting of the quoted portion of the message being
replied to. (Also using clues from his previous 'Anonymous' posts.)
  In order to hinder the federal prosecution of the Well user to be
named later, I chose to illegally export the munitions-grade crypto
through the account of someone who has an employer with deep pockets,
and whose prosecution would undoubtedly result in a great amount of
unwanted publicity. (Unwanted, because the government would fail to
  In order to piss on the perfectly polished jackboots itching to
break down a few doors, I have placed all details of the illegal
export of the munitions-grade encryption from Canada and the U.S.
in a file on both computers, encrypted with _my_ public key. In 
order for the file to be read, once deciphered, it must be diff'ed
with the file on Toto's personal computer containing the text of
the federalist papers.

  In order to demonstrate the seriousness of this post, if the
government schills (<-- note the spelling) who follow the list
are too fucking lazy to check into my claims, or too fucking
incomptent to confirm them, then I would be more than happy to,
in two weeks time, send two futher illegal communications via
the same routes, to the CypherPunks (<--sp?) list, upon request 
by a verifiable government law enforcement agent or agency in
a post to the list.
  Failure of the federal government to take successful action in
investigation and prosecution of the illegal activities herein
admitted, will be taken as a sign that the Lying Nazi Ratfuckers
who comprise the Government and LEA's are weak, spineless pieces
of shit who are capable only of using threats and violence to herd
meek sheeple into unconstitutional imprisonment of their freedoms,
rights, and liberty. i.e. Gutless fucks.

"It's !forgery until *I* say it's forgery!"
"The Xenix Chainsaw Massacre"
"WebWorld & the Mythical Circle of Eunuchs"
"The Final Frontier"