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Re: [NOISE] Re: Suitcase for sale

Sean Roach <[email protected]> writes:

> At 06:32 PM 9/9/97 +0200, Anonymous wrote:
> >
> >Weight of suitcase: 80 lbs.
> >
> >Scheduled to check in; check the weight.
> >
> >For details contact: [email protected]
> >
> Interested in one luggage carrier capable of holding 80 pound suitcase to
> underside of wing of unmarked private plane that can be jettosoned remotely.
> Looking for good offer as 1,000,000 already spent on suitcase.

You don't need some complicated delivery systems for a nuke...
Just leave it in the trunk of a car parked within a few blocks
from the target.


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