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Re: Reichstag Fire and the October Raids

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Tim May wrote:
> Yep, they need a Reichstag fire. To nudge any recalcitrant Congresscritters.

> They'll need some dire threat or significant event to get the vote they want.

I have been thinking about this for days now. They are using the same tired
four horsemen stories they used in 1992. They need something new. 
Something fresh.  Something that conveniently makes the news the week
before the vote. 
> I'm thinking it may involve us. The 5-6 months they've had to "debrief"
> Bell, to convince him that squealing on anarchists and information
> terrorists, and money laundering advovactes, and felons, could mean a
> series of indictments will come in October/November.

Somehow I sense they need an event a bit more photogenic than an
indictment. Of course the would prefer bodies. Nothing works stronger PR
magic than bodies of dead children. Then again, perhaps some footage of
the rifles impounded from the Crypto Militia, as the press releases will
call the group, might suffice. Together, perhaps with the corpse of one of
their "leaders". 

> Whether their charges will "stick" or not is not really the point, is it?
> The trial, if one is ever held, will take place many months or even years
> after the charges are filed.

There are two main reasons why there might be no trial: they drop the 
charges or there is no defendant left alive to be put on trial...