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RE: House National Security committee guts SAFE, worse than nobill

At 1:40 PM -0700 9/10/97, Hiawatha Bray wrote:
>I hate to tip folks off as to my column for tomorrow, but that's exactly
>what I'm doing in it.  I have written that if the Feds try to impose
>key-recovery crypto on me, I'll start using some encryption program that
>doesn't comply with the law, and I'll send copies of the messages to the
>Feds, so they can come and arrest me.  If I really thought they would, I
>wouldn't have written it!  But I'll stand by it.
>Anyway, I don't presently encrypt my mail.  No reason to--I ain't no
>So if I want to send crypto I must find some partner in crime.  Any

You can send me a message.  My key is on the servers.

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