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Re: House National Security committee guts SAFE, worse than no

Jonah Seiger wrote:

> The Administration WANTS legislation to impose key recovery and wants
> continued export restrictions.  It has passed the Senate Commerce
> Committee, it's in the current export policy, and the FBI is likely to get
> it approved by the Intelligence committee tomorrow.
> If they succeed and mandatory key recovery becomes law, there will
> certainly be court challenges (and CDT would join that fight), but it won't
> be as clear cut as the CDA case was, and it's doubtful we would have the
> strength (and the resources) of as broad a coalition of plaintiffs.  We may
> be right, but that doesn't guarantee victory.

  *IF* they succeed? (You been on extended vacation?)

  Any bets that the double-secret guys nab a suitcase-nuke carrying 
dark-skinned person a few days before they need to win a crucial vote
in the war against the citizens?