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Snuffle Destroys United States: Film at 11

John Gilmore <[email protected]> writes:

 > Today the Government filed a 22-page brief arguing to the
 > 9th Circuit Court that it would be so injurious to the
 > national security for Prof. Bernstein to be able to publish
 > his Snuffle 5.0 software on the Internet, that a complete
 > stay of Judge Patel's injunction is needed.

 > The brief is accompanied by two seven-page personal
 > declarations, one from William P. Crowell, Deputy Director
 > of NSA, and one from William A. Reinsch, Under Secretary for
 > Export Administration.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought "Snuffle" was some
simple-minded cipher designed to test ITAR.  I didn't think it
was something anyone would choose to incorporate into a serious

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