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The problem of playing politics with our constitutional rights

The Commerce Committee got a two-week extension from the Speaker...

Now, is this good or bad news for crypto? Not sure if it's bad news, but
it's far from necessarily good news. The Eavesdrop Establishment is
swarming on Capitol Hill right now. The staff on Intelligence are
jubilant. Goodlatte may be standing firm, based on what other journalists
and his staff tells me, but other supposed friends of freedom (including
one fellow who's a guest speaker at a forthcoming Cato conference) are
talking about more crypto-in-a-crime restrictions. The Commerce Committee,
I'm told, got briefed by Freeh in a closed-door hearing yesterday evening
without staff present.

This, as I've said for months, is the problem of playing politics with our
constitutional rights.


On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Hiawatha Bray wrote:

> Till when, Declan?  And do you know why, perchance?