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Janet Reno talks crypto with Al Gore

Said during Atty Gen Janet Reno's weekly media
availability on September 5, 1997:

Q     Excuse me.  Thank you.  We started this morning
with a reference to the unfortunate death of the
princess of Wales.  As you're aware, in the wake of
that, there have been various calls - expressions of
concern about the privacy of individuals, of
celebrities, primarily, and various people discussing
a possible need for laws to protect people.  Do you
see that as a realistic discussion?  Is there any - as
a law enforcement officer, can you see any way that
individual celebrities can be protected legislatively,
legally, or is this just something that has to be
solved socially, culturally?

ATTY GEN. RENO:  I we're going to have to look at it
and solve it in common-sense ways.  I think it's very
difficult to legislate something like that.  But I
think it is important for all of us, no matter what
our role, to be respectful of other people's privacy.
And I think this is an instance where it has given us
all cause to look at it and to ponder how we can deal
with this issue.

Q     Ms. Reno, how often do you speak with Vice
President Gore on legal or law enforcement issues? And
how would you characterize the relationship that
you've had with him?

ATTY GEN. RENO:  I have spoken with him on encryption
issues with regards to law enforcement.  That is, I
think, one of the principal issues that I have
discussed with him - not recently.