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Re: in defense of Lon Horiuchi

snip snip snip snip

>stories without reading the more balanced accounts yourself.
>Anonymous, above, would _like_ you to think of the FBI sniper
>Lon Horiuchi as a murderous baby-killer who chuckled gleefully
>when he saw his opportunity to take out a toddler.
>Zooko, Journeyman Engineer

Dear Zooko;

I dunno much about cypherpunking, I dunno much about much at all,
I do know a little about marksmanship, I do know a little about
countersniping, I do know a little about use-of-force.

The marksman in question fired -we are led to belive- without being
certain of his target.

This is contrary to all aspects of this type of shooting.

Either the marksman in question is a murderer, or he made a very very very
very very very very very bad judgement call that he has been trained in
probably hundreds of hours of instruction, NOT TO MAKE.

Manslaughter is when you get something in your eye while driving and run
down a bicyclist. Not when you recive hour opon hour opon hour of training
in long distance sniping and hour opon hour opon hour of shoot/no shoot
scenario training and hour opon hour opon hour of use-of-force briefings,
and you STILL shoot.

Thats not manslaughter, thats something else entirely.

When you recieve your training in these matters, you are told quite clearly
tha t the action you take that adds up to the time between 1/20th to 1/10th
of a second that it takes to actually "take the shot" will be reviewed and
second guessed by very many people with hours and hours to think about it,
therefore one had better be pretty damned certain of ones target before
committing that shot.

better be DAMNED certain.

Even dumb ole me, who ain't no crack shot, with one of those nifty (off the
shelf) Styer-Mannlicher countersniper rifles with the neato Zeiss
autoranging scope was able to punch a coke can 5 for 5 after one ranging
(cheater) shot at 600 meters. I'm told that the FBI has much nicer rifles
than that. And I ain't trained.

(couldn't hit the Mountain Dew can, couldn't see it)


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