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Re: Netscape browser crypto

Steve Mynott wrote:
> I notice Netscape 4 has support for "cryptographical modules" and comes
> with PKCS#11 module.  Are there any third party modules (PGP?)
> available?

There are a number of hardware vendors with PKCS#11 modules for smart
and other hardware devices.  These include Litronic, Chrysalis-ITS and

> Also is it possible to import certificates (PGP?) into the browser so
> you aren't stuck with Verisign et al.

You can import X.509 certificates and private keys.  The data format is
early version of PKCS#12, which is actually more similar to MicroSoft's
PFX.  I believe the spec is available on our web site.  There are also a
number of other CAs on the web, including Thawte in South Africa.

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