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selective prosecution [was Re: House National Security committee guts SAFE, worse than no bill]


    in response to Bubba Rom Dos <[email protected]>:

    unfortunately, the US DOJ indulges in "selective prosecution" when 
    confronted by mass disobedience. there is nothing in the code which 
    requires them to prosecute a 'class' of 'lawbreakers'.  What they want 
    is a few high profile targets who will be reported by their captive 
    pet, the 'press' to set an example.

    the last figures I saw on the feds body count was still over 90% of 
    those who go to trial. in most US districts, the mere fact the 'guilty 
    scumbag' was charged by the feds indicates to most jurors (federal 
    jurors have a tendency to be older, whiter, wealthier, etc.) that the 
    man in the dock is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt (whose?). 
    secondly, particularly in the federal courts, you have a man sitting
    36in above you, in a black robe, with an IQ of 50, who answers to:
    "your honor" --and you better believe with all your heart and 
    soul that the ignorant fool is Judge Roy Bean, the Law West of 
    the Pecos, himself  --or worse.

    for instance, do you think the feds would ever have a Chicago Seven 
    trial again?  what do you think the outcome would have been if they
    took 'em down, one at a time, in different courtrooms?  think Tom Hayden 
    would be a CA legislator today, representing the Peoples Republic of 
    Santa Monica?

    dont get me wrong --if nothing else, the evidence of the absurdity of
    the feds actions trying to regulate an amorphous global network can
    always be introduced.  maybe enough repetition will get the message

    and, the actions in Washington are fast approaching the 
    necessity for the Jeffersonian call to arms:

          "God forbid we should ever be twenty years without a  
                --Thomas Jefferson, (1743-1826) 
    I'm sure you would hav Jefferson, Franklin, Paine, etc out on the
    front line if they were here today (if they did not die from digust
    from what the Fed has become, but the trick is to make sure you
    are not a minority of one:

          "Revolutions, we must remember, 
            are always made by minorities." 
                --Prince Peter Kropotkin (1842-1941) 
    unfortunately, it will take the foolishness in the face of fire as
    so graphically sketched in 'les miserab' to move Washington off
    their sacrosanct fat asses.

  I'll get a life when it is proven
    and substantiated to be better
      than what I am currently experiencing.

  When I die, please cast my ashes upon Bill Gates. 
     For once, let him clean up after me!
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on or about 970911:0953 
    Bubba Rom Dos <[email protected]> expostulated:

+ Also, if need be, a system could be set up in Canada which
+forwards received email to the U.K. and a chain-mail type of campaign 
+could begun, exhorting people to send a copy of strong encryption to
+the Canadian email address, without referrring to any further
+  This is just a possible example, the goal being to make any possible
+prosecution as convoluted and difficult as possible, just as the Govt
+passes unconstitutional laws that serve their purpose for the ten years
+it takes to get them struck down by the Supremes, and then they pass a
+similar one to accomplish the same unconstitutional ends.

+2. The same type of system could be set up, but programmed to only
+forward crypto products illegally once a certain number of citizens had
+forwarded a small amount of hash-cash (CPU generated funds) to the
+originating computer/program.
+  Several thousand people openly colluding in even a single act such as
+this could be effectively used to provide a challenge to the fascist
+censors. If not successful, then the amount and destinations of the
+exported crypto could be increased to the point of making the export
+restrictions a total joke.

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