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Re: Taxless society concerns

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Warpy wrote:

> First off. In such a society, who cares for the old, the sick, and the
> infirm? How is such care going to be payed for? How will basic services be
> maintained without the necessary taxes required to pay for them? 

Haven't you ever heard of ZPG? The problem with Medicare is that the
taxpayers are paying to keep the old people alive, no matter how close to
death they are!! Then, on top of that, we give them free money!

Come on people, we already have nigh 6 billion people on this planet, I
think we can stand to lose anybody over 65.

> But the question remains. In such a taxless society, and little or no
> government, how are those less fortunate than us going to be cared for?

As for the less fortunate, welcome to Evolution 101: Survival of the
Fittest, where fit means good education, good job, and enough money to
giev your kids the same.

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