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3% to Freedom

Just heard a Canadian MP state that he was voting in favour of gun
registration because 52% of his constituents were in favor of it.

Killing 3% of the people to save the rights of 48% of them seems like
a fair trade-off to me.

We could kill them with hammers until we killed enough that they passed
hammer registration laws. Then we could switch to scissors. Then forks.
Then rocks.
Of course, it would be impossible to bust all the people who were in
possession of unregisterd rocks in their yards, so they would probably
have to use selective enforcement against just blacks and longhairs
and the like.
Am I ready to run for public office, or do I need to get stupider?
If so, then I propose that we start killing people by filling their
mouths with dirt, then we can pass dirt registration laws. Then we can
kill people by filling their lungs with air until they burst and we
can pass air registration laws. Then we can leave people out in the
sun until they die and pass sun registration laws.
"The reason I pulled you over, guys, is because the sun came up. Unless
one of you cops to possessing it, I'm going to have to take you all in."

Am I stupid enough to be a cop, now?
If not, then we can kill people by taking them to the roofs of buildings
and throwing them to the ground. Then we can pass roof and ground
registration laws.
"Hey, pal. Your feet are on the ground. You got a permit?"
"Sorry pal, this permit is for a different piece of ground. I'm going
to have to take you in. And, since the sun is out, you're going to get
an extra five years for possession of the sun in the commission of a