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Re: [fwd][news] Netscape meets gov't security standard

William H. Geiger III wrote:
> In <[email protected]>, on 09/12/97
>    at 08:45 AM, Tom Weinstein <[email protected]> said:
>> For those of you interested, we are validated at level 2 when used on a
>> C2 OS, level 1 otherwise.  You can find more info at
>> http://home.netscape.com/assist/security/faqs/fips140-1.html
> Exactly what C2 OS are we talking here?!? You are not backing M$
> marketing claims of C2 for NT are you???

Last I checked, NT was only C2 when networking was turned off.  Kind of
hard to use our products that way.  In particular, we were certified on
Solaris 2.4SE.

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