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Sorry, Tim / Re: Snuffle Destroys United States: Film at 11

Peter D. Junger wrote:
> Mike Duvos writes:
> : Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought "Snuffle" was some
> : simple-minded cipher designed to test ITAR.  I didn't think it
> : was something anyone would choose to incorporate into a serious
> : product.
> I am quite sure that you are wrong in this.  It is a serious program
> written to demonstrate Bernstein's algorithm for converting a secure
> hash function (which as it happens is exportable) into an encryption
> program (which is not exportable).  It certainly was not written to
> test the ITAR and restricting it under the ITAR or the EAR was and is
> rather odd as it contains no encryption code itself.  Or, at least,
> that is my understanding.

Sorry I called you senile (even though I enjoyed it), since it turns
out that I was too senile to respond to your "can they do this? can
they do that" post with as good an example as above, as to what the
government can and cannot do.
After Pat Robertson becomes President, we can look forward to "Marilyn
Manson" having his/her 'encryption' fall under the ITAR and EAR rules,
regulations, restrictions, etc., etc., etc.