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Today's meeting

Thanks to everybody that showed up for today's meeting. Much is happening.
And it is not just the evil legislation moving through Congress.
Cypherpunks have been busy writing code. A very useful Ecash implementation
compatible with DigiCash's protocol will be released next week. Onion
Routers have been ported to Linux. Other semi-clandestine projects are
moving forward as well.

Again people asked me where to find some pictures from the Cypherpunks
field trip to HIP'97. One more time: all archives are accessible via

Some of the better archives are Joichi Ito's pages at
http://www.ito.com/mpeg/hip/ which amongst other things features an MPEG of
myself as a DJ

Next, check out the HIP'97 network site at http://spin.vpro.nl/hip.shtml
You have to go a few levels deep before seeing the usual suspects.

And you haven't lived until you see the RealVideo of Brian the HIP Brain

In fact, there are about five or six articles about us on this
semi-official HIP journal site. http://magazine.dds.nl/XKaterng?KatIDnu=7

Have fun,

--Lucky Green <[email protected]>
  PGP encrypted mail preferred.
  DES is dead! Please join in breaking RC5-56.