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Make GAK or back doors better? Hell NO!


    no, no, no --we dont try to make GAK 'better' --we dont do it
    at all. fuck them and the dirty horses they road in on.  

    _THEY_, not us, are the four horsemen of the apocolypse.

    to the despots in Washington, whose fat heads have never seen
    the sunshine, there is only one "gift"  --no code. let them
    find the dirty handed clods to do their own filthy work --if no
    decent programmers are willing to bloody their hands they will
    butcher the program more than they would otherwise, and it will
    be those miserable bastards who will be begging _us_ for mercy.

    if you believe in any freedom -dont be a fucking quisling.

 "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other."     
        --Benjamin Franklin
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+On 9/12/97 1:31 AM, Anonymous ([email protected])  passed this wisdom:

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+>Now think about this: You're Joe Random Govt. Worker at the 
+>official secret key repository, and there's a budget crisis going 
+>on - instead of paychecks, you're getting I.O.U.'s. Your terminal 
+>has access to thousands, perhaps millions, of secret keys. You grab 
+>one of CitiBank's, forge a few transactions, and 30 seconds later 
+>your Swiss bank account is a few million dollars fatter and 
+>according to the digital signature, the transaction originated in 

+ Please correct me if I am wrong, but could not a GAK backdoor be
+written that will simply permit decryption only of the ciphertext and
+not encryption. Would not this prevent this from happening?

+  Don'tget me wrong. It scares the hell out of me too, but maybe, in
+addition to that various things Tim has suggested we might also
+consider how to make the GAK as secure as cam be to minimize its
+potential for disaster.

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