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Re: Letter to Senator Bryan, was Re: Key Recovery is Bad for US

On 13 Sep 97 at 21:45, Robert Hettinga wrote:

> At 2:40 pm -0400 on 9/13/97, Steve forwarded from Senator Bryan:
> > of this technology. Unfortunately, encryption technology provides criminal
> > organizations, terrorists, drug traffickers, and child pornographers with
> > an effective method of shielding illegal activities from law enforcement
> > agencies.
> Wow. Horseman city...
> I wonder who gives them the idea for this stuff?  Wired should be banned
> from the confines of DC. ;-).

Note, too, how well the Senator firmly straddles the fence all
through the letter, agreeing somewhat with one position but
remaining concerned about the flip side.  It's a complete CYA job,
part of a library of boilerplate updated as the issues come and go,
and designed to make every correspondent feel like the Senator
understands the constituent's position regardless of what it may
really be. It's the ultimate in "reasonable," "responsible"
Newspeak and scarcely touched by human hands, much less Senatorial