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Re: Court proceedings under new SAFE act]

At 7:58 am -0400 on 9/14/97, Peter D. Junger wrote:

> : What if I respond to Adam Back and accidently forget to snip his .sig?
> : (if that's not prior restraint, I don't know what is!)
> What it is, under current law, is a violation of Export Administration
> Regulations, unless you somehow get a license before you send the
> reply.

Cool. At this rate, e$pam has violated the law several thousand times,
given the number of Adam's posts I've forwarded to it over the years, and
the number of foriegn e$pam subscribers.

Heck. Jail would be a great place to write an uninterrupted book-length
screed. I'm too ugly to be anyone's 'wife', anyway...

Bob Hettinga

Robert Hettinga ([email protected]), Philodox
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