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Re: Pro-censorship lobbyist calls for AOL boycott

At 8:04 PM -0700 9/11/97, Declan McCullagh wrote:
>CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Marc Klaas, whose daughter Polly was abducted from
>her bedroom and killed in 1993, is calling for a boycott of American
>Online until it stops allowing access to a Florida woman who posts writing
>and art by serial killers on the Internet.
>	Klaas particularly objects to the work of Keith Hunter Jesperson,
>who is serving three life sentences in Oregon for killings in the
>Northwest and is charged with one murder in Wyoming.
>	"America Online is hiding behind freedom of speech in allowing
>this monster to have a public forum," said Klaas, who was in Wyoming this
>week to promote the Klaas Foundation for Children, which he established
>after his daughter's slaying.
>	Officials for the nation's largest Internet access provider said
>Thursday that some material from the home page of Sondra London of
>Jacksonville, Fla., would be removed within 24 hours.

If someone on the list can figure out Sondra London's email address (I've
had no luck so far) we should show her how to use the Etermity service.