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Re: Bean Counting II

> >If we had the proper figures to work with then we could make a valid
> >judgment as to how many lives anti-GAK supporters would have to put
> >in danger in order to tip the balance so that it would be in the best
> >interests of the citizens to allow strong non-GAK'ed crypto.
> >I, for one, would hate to see lives lost needlessly merely because
> >those opposing GAK did not have the proper figures to work with.
> This is a worthless and dangerous argument to make. If you can't see why,
> you have no business writing articles on this list.
> Hint: "The greatest good for the greatest number" is passe.

	I took the original writers point to be that maybe, just maybe
the reason they aren't giving us any numbers is because there AREN'T 
any numbers. That the chances are strong crypto _won't_ cause any deaths.
Won't cost any lives. They know that.