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Re: Escrow system design query


At 08:03 PM 9/14/97 -0400, Michael Wilson wrote:
>Does anyone know of a solid document out there in the web that actually
>describes the proposed key escrow backbone network?  After wading through
>considerable junk in the search engines (my, but the net is wordy on the
>topic), I didn't turn up anything that looked like architecture.

Back during Clipper, there was, if not an actual design for an escrow system,
at least a bunch of fabrication intended to add verisimilitude to an 
otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative.  The amount of framework it would
take to do an escrow system capable of handling every key from Verisign
and Netscape is substantially beyond anything anyone was really funded for;
much easier to do the job for a few thousand Clipperphones, and build 
infrastructure as sales pick up.  Building an infrastructure for a system
that has keys generated by users, by the millions, is much harder than 
building one for a small centralized system.
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