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Feinstein for governor! Good news for the US, bad news for CA

	Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D), in a "rare interview regarding
her political future, spoke glowingly of the chance to return
home" as the state's next gov., calling it a "very attractive"
possibility. "At the same time, Feinstein said she enjoys her
work in the Senate more than ever before and that her
'effectiveness can grow on a national level'" if she remains in
DC.  Throughout the 45-minute interview with the San Francisco
Chronicle, Feinstein "appeared deeply torn over her choice. 
Despite the urgings of some fellow Democrats to speed her
decision, Feinstein said it may be several months before she
declares her intentions. ... The key conflict appears to be
Feinstein's interest in becoming governor versus her reluctance
to endure a grueling campaign."  Were she to run, Feinstein said
the "cornerstone of her campaign would be a plan to fundamentally
restructure elementary education."  At the same time, Feinstein
"sees her effectiveness building in the Senate": "I actually like
the Senate much more now than I did initially.  I'm more
accustomed to its eclectic proceedings and rules and think I can
work on both sides of the aisle."  The legal filing deadline to
enter the 6/2/98 primary is 2/9/98, "and Feinstein said that if
she chooses to run, she could wait until the last moment to
file."  Feinstein "brushed aside the notion that uncertainty
surrounding her candidacy is freezing the field": "It's unrelated
to me.  There's plenty of time. ... It is important at this stage
that there be a strong Democratic governor with a sense of where
this state needs to go.  And it doesn't necessarily have to be
me" (Sandalow, 9/12).