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new remailer-politics mailing list (fwd)

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Subject: [SE2600] Remailer politics
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A new mail list is forming, called "remailer-politics".  You are welcome 
to use your nym or any address to join the list.  You are also welcome to 
create a new nym just for the mail list.  You of course are welcome to use 
your normal email address as well.  Anonymous mail to the list is very 
welcome, but obviously you must submit a nym or email address to be able to 
read the mail.

The list is called remailer-politics, and is run on majordomo.  We'd like to 
discuss the non technical issues of remailers.  I'm hoping the contributors 
to the list will be part users of remailers, and part people who have not 
used remailers.  Also, bear in mind I'm not the remailer administrator, so 
I'm looking to be educated as well.

Hopefully we will talk about remailers, laws, encryption, email and newsgroup 

abuse, privacy and anonymity.  Personally, I'd like to be able to walk away 
from the discussion thinking that I can better defend the concept of a 
remailer to someone who is anti-encryption, anti-anonymity, a lawyer, a 
judge, or even a nationally known pro-civil liberties person.

To join, send a message body of 

	[email protected]

If you have trouble, just email me and I'll manually put you on the list.  
Similar messages have gone out to other mail lists, newsgroups, etc.  Your 
subscriptions will be mix'ed in with the rest if you use your real address, 
so no one will know.  The list of list members will not be available for 

Please join us, and help educate myself and others about the benefits of 

Version: PGP for Personal Privacy 5.0
Charset: noconv

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Benjamin L. Combee ([email protected]) <URL:http://www.yak.net/combee/>
...if the highlight of your day is prowling through signatures looking for
pithy quotes or neat phrases, then consider a career with the IRS or NSA...