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Re: Spooks' New Charter

Kent Borg, remove X for real email wrote:
> I've been thinking about the secret briefings the CIA/NSA/pick-your-TLAs
> have given to folks such as the House National Security Committee, the
> briefing that caused them to gut SAFE.  What did they say?  What are they
> after?
> <http://search.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1997-09/14/155l-091497-idx.html>

      CIA-run agents who had infiltrated terrorist groups in recent
      years aided in intelligence gathering that helped prevent two
      attacks in the past seven months against U.S. embassies
      abroad, new CIA Director George J. Tenet told Congress
      earlier this year.
      Tenet declined to provide details of the operations, including
      where they occurred.

  I myself prevented at least two dozen attacks in the same period of
time, through use of strong crypto. Naturally, I decline to provide
details of the operations.
(Also, Jim Bell prevented four attacks on U.S. embassies through
 use of his AP Bot.)

      Reflecting new threats that face U.S. policymakers, major covert 
      actions are now being aimed at disrupting terrorist plans,
      stopping narcotics shipments or fouling up financial transactions
      of missile makers, sources said.

  Which helps to keep the CIA's competition in these areas down to a
minimum. (The definition of 'terrorist' in the 1997 CIA Lexicon is,
"Illegal activities business competitor.")

      For instance, computer hacker technology has been used to
      disrupt international money transfers and other financial
      activities of Arab businessmen who support suspected

  And 'God only knows' (TM) what they do to dark-skinned businessmen
who support 'proven' terrorists.
  Does anybody remember what that reason they gave for promoting weak
encryption was? Didn't they say they wanted to control all of the 
money to keep the rich 'good' guys happy? Or was it the 4 Horsemen?

      Military research and development operations of
      hostile governments, such as North Korea, Iraq and Iran, have
      been sabotaged by having European, Asian and other suppliers
      sell them faulty parts that will eventually fail.

  Such as faulty parts for the U.S. Stealth Bomber that crashed at
an air show this week and the Iraquin hostage rescue helicopters.
  Hey! Wait a minute...!?!?

      "In the past five to seven years, the sophistication of the new
      tools of covert action have helped bring about a sea change in
      operations from the old days," according to a senior intelligence

  "However, in spite of these earth-shaking advances in spying on and 
manipulating foreigners with all manner of nasty business, absolutely
no progress at all has been made in doing the same to U.S. citizens."
he quickly added, looking down at his shoes and blushing.

      "There are a large number of hidden activities going on
      to meet transnational threats," he said, "but I'm reluctant 
      to call them covert action." 

  OK, then call them murders, assassinations, crimes on foreign soil,
destabilization of dark-skinned governments, etc., etc.

      Tenet told reporters recently he was turning to "a world
      renown operator" who can "run quality operations that generate
      unique information" on which action can be taken.

  But not 'covert' action--just "hidden" action. (I'm certain that 
everyone on the C'punks list understands the difference.)

      In addition, new CIA and Justice Department investigations
      into past agency operations in Central America are expected to
      be released shortly, guaranteeing more criticism for the
      agency's cooperation with drug dealers who were also aiding
      Nicaraguan contra operations and for training Honduran
      special forces that later committed human rights violations.

  So, of course, we can expect to see a lot of former CIA agents being
put in jail, like other citizens who do even the smallest amount of
  Say, wasn't President George Bush...never mind.

      And later this year, the CIA and Justice Department's
      inspectors general are to deliver their reports on allegations the
      agency operatives supporting the Nicaraguan contra rebels at
      the same time aiding Central American drug dealers who
      brought narcotics into the United States.

  Of course, Colonel Oliver North will be going to jail, along with
ex-President Reagan, for stealing an election by using drug money to
buy weapons for 'terrorists' in exchange for holding American citizens
prisoner until his inauguration day.

  Get real...
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