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Fuck them all. Lock and load. Rock and roll. / Re: Liberals and their tacit

Tim May wrote: 
> >> It's war. Too late for a public relations campaign so that some future
> >> Congress will slightly relax their laws.
> >> And in a war, gotta break some eggs.

> Perhaps if it were J. Edgar Hoover doing this instead of Democrat Louis
> Freeh, we wouldn't see "nominal" liberal Ron Dellums, amongst so many
> others, standing shoulder to shoulder with the fascists. (Not that I ever
> though Dellums was anything other than a fascist, mind you.)
> Perhaps if it were former CIA director George Bush pushing this (in his
> alternate universe second term) there would be more outrage from liberals.

> I'm beginning to think Federal Bureau of Inquisition Director Unfreeh must,
> as rumors have long had it, have the goods on Janet Reno and Bill Clinton.
> Left to our imagination what these items may be.

  I know for a fact that the Spooks had nothing to do with Richard
Nixon recording every dirty deal that took place in the White House.
I know for a fact that they certainly wouldn't use all that criminal
information for blackmail.
  I know for a fact that they wouldn't spy on politicians and major
financial figures, or take advantage of nefariously gained information
in order to increase their money and power.

  People who smoke dope, dodge the draft, commit adultery, and perform
financial fraud while govenor get to be elected President all the time,
and nobody ever tries to 'control' them, or manipulate them in any way.

I know all of this because I'm
The Real Guy,
"I used to be The Bad Lie until I got caught cheating at golf
 and was nominated for the Presidency."