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Decrypted / Like mom used to say...

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Dear Yankee Asshole,
  You ever hear of Noriega, Shit For Brains?
  In case it has slipped your mind, he is the fucker
that the U.S. used as an example that it is legal and
righteous to invade another country and capture the
criminals in power, bringing them back to your own
country to imprison and try for their crimes.

  This means YOU, asshole!
  Are you hard of fucking hearing, eh? Maybe you should
have paid closer attention to Big Bad John Chretien
when he informed the world as to who the biggest fucking
criminals are in society.
  This means YOU, asshole!

  You think that YOU are going to tell CANADIANS what 
we can and can't do in our own fucking country?
  Guess again you piece of shit.

  Like mom used to say, "If I've got to come down there,
son, you are in big, big trouble."
  So get back in your own bed and go to sleep, pal, if
you know what's good for you.
  If we have to come down there and bring your ass back
for trial, I don't think you can count on your citizens
to back you up. (At least not the ones who are hanging
on to their fucking guns, and the ones that aren't can
kiss our big blubbery Canadian butts.)

  So why don't you keep your fucking nose out of our
business and concentrate on disarming and imprisoning
the only citizens you have left who are capable of
defending you if the Canadian government decides that
it is time to see some justice done to the criminals
in D.C?
  And while you are at it, you might consider treating
the Canadian you have taken hostage in Camp Pendleton
the same as you would treat present Presidents who
didn't go overseas to murder strangers for Big Oil.
  Tell Randy that if we come for you, we will stop by
Camp Pendleton and pick him up, too. I don't think that
the drug-addict rapists that currently comprise the
majority of your armed services are going to put up
much resistance. They know that they will go back to
jail when they get out of the services, anyway.

Your Canadian Pal,