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Re: Biological Warfare

At 2:43 PM -0700 9/17/97, Sean Roach wrote:
>I came up with an idea for fighting GAK.  Biological warefare.
>This is a tried and true formula for war.
>The Europeans used it to great effect against the Native Americans in the
>form of Rabies and Smallpoxs.
>The Europeans even used a form of it even earlier, throwing the rotting
>corpses of dead horses into beseiged cities to spread desease.
>The more modern chemical warefare has been used in both world wars and
>possibly by Saddam Hussain during the Gulf War.

While I support your general goals, the idea of releasing Sarin or anthrax
or other agents near the warrens of the burrowcrats in Washington is likely
to backfire. Although the rodent extermination might succeed, the rodents
have a prodigious ability to breed more of themselves. It's not clear that
calling in the Orkin man to rid the infestation in the Congress will
accomplish anything.

--Tim May

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