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"The Life And Times Of One Average Man"

 Dear Friend :    I appreciate your taking the time to look at what I have to offer. This 
mail message is for the sole purpose of showing people how I can can help them;     
NOT with money, fame, or building their front deck.

 I am an average person like many of you, I have no special powers and I don`t 
claim to have the answers for some of the more philosophical riddles of life.
 I will be straight forward and quite frank with you. I have written a book about many 
issues people face when they have experienced some sort of tragedy in their lives. 
I offer the reader to see and share in the experiences that I myself faced as both a 
young man and an adult. 
 For me life began as it would for many other children growing up in what seemed to 
be the innocent world we live in. I had a wonderful family with loving parents as well 
as an older brother and two older sisters who loved to torture me.  As time grew on 
my wonderful family began showing signs of trouble.
It was not long before I encountered a life shattering injury that change my life, as 
well as the lives of those around me forever.
In this autobiography and self-help book I will bring you down the road of my 
experiences; share with you the decisions I chose to make and how I was fortunate 
enough to overcome certain issues such as drug and alcool abuse, as well as 
provide you with solutions to common problems a family faces when confronted with 
separation and divorce.

 Most importantly I will share with you the heart ache and pain of a cataclysmic event 
faced on a construction job sight when I was confronted with a FIFTEEN TON front 
end loader and lost the battle.

 In this book are common problems associated with a tragedy such as personal 
injury as well as personal and proffesional opinions on ways to deal with and 
overcome the aftemath of these circumstances.

 If you are interested in helping yourself or helping a friend overcome the hardships 
life can offer and would like to attain a copy of my book please feel free to visit my 
sight at :       http://www.mnsi.net/~ranger90/index.htm      -  Just copy and paste that 
URL in the address bar of your browser and hit return, or type it in manually.

 Also see how you will receive your copy of my book twice as fast as the other 
shipping companies !

 Again, thatnk you for taking the time to read what I have to offer, and feel free to visit 
at :         

 Sincerely, D.S.McLean,  contact me for more information at:  [email protected]