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Re: New Computer Security Act


In <[email protected][]>, on 09/18/97 
   at 11:44 AM, Tim May <[email protected]> said:

>(Toad.com address changed to algebra.com. Hugh Daniel confirmed to me
>that about 130 subscribers are still using the toad.com address. And he
>confirmed that none of them are getting the traffic sent to the "real"
>Cypherpunks lists, those at algebra.com, cyberpass.net, and ssz.com. I
>again urge folks to get with the program. Toad.com is going to vanish
>someday, at least as any kind of distribution site for CP traffic.)

>At 7:04 PM -0700 9/17/97, John Young wrote:
>>The Computer Security Enhancement Act of 1997 (HR1903)
>>is intended to replace the Computer Security Act of 1987.
>>It redefines the role of NIST in meeting federal computer security
>>and encryption requirements through cooperation of industry.
>>Public use of encryption is also addressed in the bill.

>By the way, today is the 50th anniversary of the National Security Act,
>which created the National Security Agency and the United States Air
>Force, amongst other things (some of them probably still secret).

>I doubt Clinton will be at the Fort Meade HQ for a ceremony, as he's on
>his way to Stanford, where both of us will, amazingly enough, be
>tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Have FUN!!!

I wish I had the time to fly out there. Let me know if you video-tape any
of it as I would be intrested in getting a copy.


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